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Para encofrar la losa se trabaja desde el nivel inferior en una posición absolutamente segura; los paneles se cuelgan y se basculan hacia arriba.
DUO - Eficiencia y versatilidad
DUO - Eficiencia y versatilidad
La aplicación intuitiva y rápida permite una manipulación sin grúa, mientras que los componentes versátiles y ligeros reducen las necesidades de transporte.

Ahorre con DUO

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DUO: versátil y sencillo

El sistema de encofrado de paneles de nuestro portafilio está fabricado con tecnopolímeros, por lo que es 100% reciclable. Ningún componente pesa más de 25 kg, por lo que DUO se puede desplazar fácilmente por las obras. La optimización es una de las principales ventajas del diseño del sistema, ya que puede utilizarse para encofrar muros, pilares y losas con pocas herramientas necesarias.

Una opción sostenible para cualquier proyecto de construcción, el sistema de encofrado reduce la producción de residuos, ya que se reutiliza en la producción de nuevos paneles y componentes.

Estos son algunos ejemplos de proyectos en los que se ha utilizado DUO, todos ellos con diferentes características de diseño.

Edificio residencial para Estudiantes

Alojamiento para estudiantes
DUO se utilizó para formar muros de 2,9 m de altura y plafones como parte de una obra de alojamiento para estudiantes en UK. Los paneles ligeros permitieron a los trabajadores levantar manualmente DUO por los tramos de escaleras, optimizando la maniobrabilidad en un espacio reducido. Su diseño simplista permitió montar el sistema a mano, lo que ayudó a reducir la cantidad de herramientas necesarias para la tarea.

Port of Sunderland – Splash wall

Port of Sunderland – Splash wall

The formwork system was employed to construct a protective sea wall along the pier of Sunderland Dock, following damage to the existing wall caused by bad weather and rough tides. The double-sided concrete pour comprised a pour height measuring up to 1.56 m and spanning 10 m in length. With no crane or machinery to lift the formwork, DUO’s lightweight panels were an ideal solution for the project as workers could lift and move the panels around the site by hand.

Canary Wharf, London – Residential high-rise

Canary Wharf, London – Residential high-rise

DUO was used to form nib walls on Canary Wharf’s landmark residential tower, Newfoundland, helping to accelerate the pace of construction and shorten the cycle time for such a complex project. The low weight of the panels made it an easy task for workers to transport them from floor to floor by hoist, or by hand when walking up permanent staircases. DUO was later implemented as a cost-effective alternative for concreting smaller structural elements on other large scale projects. The system is now being used on South Quay Plaza and Wood Wharf A1.

“DUO’s lightweight properties
made the system a great option
as recycling of the formwork
using the crane was not possible.”

Project Engineer, Expanded

Liverpool Street Station – Underground station

Liverpool Street Station – Underground station

A combination of small and large DUO panels were used to concrete walls in an escalator shaft at Liverpool Street station. The system was initially used to concrete T-shaped walls rising to a height of 1.8 m. The weight of the panels made it possible for workers to manually lift and position them into place, helping to maintain the pace of the project in the absence of a crane. Due to its success, the customer reused DUO in place of a steel formwork system to concrete the ramp walls alongside the escalator. The lightweight panels proved to be the ideal solution when working with smaller structural elements, confined spaces, and managing site challenges such as limited or no access for cranes.

Concrete House, Sussex - Private residential structure

Concrete House, Sussex - Private residential structure

DUO is the only formwork system facilitating the construction of the entire concrete structure. The system’s versatility has been a major benefit to the project as panels have been reused for walls, columns and slabs, demonstrating cost-efficient construction and repeatability.

Intuitive application of the system has enabled those using DUO for the first time, to comfortably erect the system, resulting in faster build times and a tidier site space.

“DUO works in perfect harmony with the experimental concrete mixes we are using in that both reduce labour and material costs, reduce the project’s carbon footprint and are definitive steps forward in construction methodology.”


Lucas Bespoke, Weybridge – New Build development

Lucas Bespoke, Weybridge – New Build development

DUO was initially used to form the base slabs, replacing traditional timber formwork and saving labour costs. Its application widened to create retaining walls rising up to 3.3 m high and 450 mm thick, a wall height not typically formed using the system. However, with adequate tube support props such as our RS push-pull props, DUO successfully realised the structure and has since been used to construct all retaining walls on the project due to its ease and agility. The panelised system will be used to form ground beams, capping beams, slabs and all walls.

Why use DUO for your next project?

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These three videos highlight specific benefits of the DUO system:

An introduction to DUO, and a demonstration of how it can be assembled by one worker:

DUO Introduction Video

DUO - One Man Assembly Demonstration

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